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Anri by NA-DE-SHI-KO Anri :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 2 0 Run baby run by NA-DE-SHI-KO Run baby run :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 7 4
The Epic Sequel
The brown-haired boy sulked as he faced the wall, tapping his foot and drumming his fingers impatiently, all the while thinking, not my fault not my fault not my fault.
Stifling a chuckle Koemi casually swivelled her head towards her little brother, somehow managing to choke out a “yes Zeiden?”
Pouting even more, the young boy whined as he gave the wall before him a royal death glare, hoping to be able to burn a hole into the wall which he would have, if it was possible. “Nee-san I’ve been standing here for...” Counting on his fingers, he quickly ran out of digits and proceeded to his toes, then, sighing, continued exasperated, “for many many many many many...many hours!” He then huffed and crossed his arms, now tapping both his feet in impatience.
Bursting out in laughter, Koemi walked over to him and ruffled his tousled hair, grinning as she justified, “20 seconds, Zeiden. It’s just 20
:iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 0 4
Kodaiki Academy - Minako Kyo by NA-DE-SHI-KO Kodaiki Academy - Minako Kyo :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 14 26 HSV OC template by NA-DE-SHI-KO HSV OC template :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 13 54
Koemi is leaving
Zeiden’s 10-year-old mind couldn’t wrap around what he was seeing.
The yellow crayon was dragged noisily against a piece of paper as a certain brown haired boy scrunched his forehead in concentration. It was difficult to control the little yellow rebel but he managed, and finally put the crayon down, wiping imaginary sweat from his forehead.
He grinned and picked up the picture he had so painstakingly drawn, admiring it in the sunlight streaming through the window. It wasn’t the best, but it was the best he could do, and he was sure she would love it no matter what. Setting the picture down yet again, he flicked a red crayon up and caught it, proceeding to bite at his lower lip and clumsily colour in a certain symmetrical and well-known shape…
He stood small and uncomprehending a distance away. Nii-san is here…Nee-san is here…shaking his head, he frowned. Something wasn’t right. And who is that other guy?
Yet again the yel
:iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 4 47
Zeiden icon by NA-DE-SHI-KO Zeiden icon :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 3 0 And Zeiden's crush is... by NA-DE-SHI-KO And Zeiden's crush is... :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 7 274 Narashi and Ryoko~ by NA-DE-SHI-KO Narashi and Ryoko~ :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 6 49
"Yes?" The Mikokage raised her eyebrows as she looked at the three civilians in front of her. “I'm a little busy, so if you can talk soon I ...”
“SQUIRRELS!” - Kokeniwa blurted Arioch and tried to cover the girl's mouth.
“Shush!” He hissed as he kept Kokeniwa’s mouth shut. “Do not say anything unnecessary!” He murmured.
“Anything unnecessary?” Mikogage's eyebrows rose even more and she frowned, confused by the whole story. “What do you three want? Speak at once or get out!”
“It's ... Well .. We saw ... Actually Ko-chan saw ... erm… “ Zeiden started as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.
“SQUIRRELS ARE INVADING THE VILLAGE!” Kokeniwa finally managed to break free from the hands of Arioch, and with every breath she shouted so loudly to the Mikokage that she could be heard throughout the village.
“What?” - The Mikokage asked, bewildered.  “Squirrels?
:iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 1 2 sponsorsheet thing! by NA-DE-SHI-KO sponsorsheet thing! :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 1 41
Trial Month pair collab
Zeiden, Narashi and Kaiyu watched as Raiden drew up a plan. A not very convincing plan.
“Are you sure about this…” Kaiyu trailed off as he looked over the supposedly ‘foolproof’ plan. It went like this:
1. Creep into Mikokage-sama’s office.
2. Steal the papers.
3. Set them on fire.
“Well, according to my calculations, this will have a 51% chance of possible success…” Raiden nodded his head as he pushed his glasses further up his nose.
Narashi shook his head. “There is too big of a risk to take, and this can be considered as treas-” Hikaru abruptly cut off the word by laughing loudly and covering Narashi’s mouth. “It’ll be fine,” Hikaru stifled his laughter but could not wipe a smile off his face.
“But…but…” Zeiden protested vehemently as Hikaru proceeded to roll up the plan and steer Narashi and Zeiden towards Mikokage-sama’s office. Narashi swiveled around
:iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 1 10
Trial Month Prompt week 3 by NA-DE-SHI-KO Trial Month Prompt week 3 :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 2 9 PM Form by NA-DE-SHI-KO PM Form :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 6 71 HSV OC civilian by NA-DE-SHI-KO HSV OC civilian :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 0 3 HSV PM survey DONE by NA-DE-SHI-KO HSV PM survey DONE :iconna-de-shi-ko:NA-DE-SHI-KO 0 2


Pilot 16 by SaigaTokihito Pilot 16 :iconsaigatokihito:SaigaTokihito 298 10 Join the dark side by k1deki Join the dark side :iconk1deki:k1deki 633 81 [ Z e i d e n | I r o r i ] by Inconcabille [ Z e i d e n | I r o r i ] :iconinconcabille:Inconcabille 7 7 FREE Bouncy Vaporeon Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Vaporeon Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 6,003 521 FREE Bouncy Leafeon Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Leafeon Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 3,888 241 FREE Bouncy Cyndaquil Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Cyndaquil Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 3,711 374 FREE Bouncy Jolteon Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Jolteon Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 5,511 457 FREE Bouncy Flareon Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Flareon Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 6,153 571 FREE Bouncy Eevee Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Eevee Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 5,447 483 FREE Bouncy Pikachu Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Pikachu Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 7,478 1,043


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